Box stereo warehouse
Box stereo warehouse


Box Automated Cube is a solution for order picking at average or low turnaround speeds。For these items, pickers must often travel long distances in conventional warehouses. These items are automatically transferred to the operator's location via the box-type automatic access system. This not only means less time consumption but also more ergonomic requirements.
Logistics Box/Plastic Plate—Box Automated Cube is a storage and order collection system for plastic logistics boxes, plastic trays or cartons. Logistic boxes and cartons are transported to order picking stations equipped with lifting equipment designed for roadways so that pickers can operate directly. The box type auto stereoscopic library can be combined with a fluent shelf and electronic tag system. With the help of a box-type automated library, it can automatically replenish to the picking location, making the order picking system more efficient.
Sorting and buffering - The box-type automated three-dimensional library is fast, reliable and has low requirements for maintenance. It is mainly suitable for storage operations with a cargo storage height of 16 meters or less.
Benefits of Box Automated Stereo Library: No more manpower required: fast, accurate, good ergonomics, high reliability, easy maintenance, and more effective integration with electronic tagging systems.