pit type parking lift for three cars
pit type parking lift for three cars

Simplicity of operation, economic and practical design,1 parking space for 3 cars
Pit type stacker,can be used in household or office building parking lot.
Post can be shared, more economic and steady.
No steel structure above ground, simple and graceful
3  parking space are fixed together, normally, the system lower to the  pit,  you can park car on upper space directly or rise the system to  park the car on 2 lower spaces.
Multiple safety protection device
Optional hydraulic oil cylinder or motor & chain driven mode
Optional wave plate or diamond plate,you can choose hot galvanizing,electroplating or powder spray
Mold machining through the whole process so that the parts are universal and interchangeable
Pass 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test.
Italian oil seal to make sure no oil leakage
Optional ultrared rays alarm device, in case of unguarded entrance

Model No.

Lifting Capacity

Lifting Height

Runway Width

Outer DimensionsL*W*H

Rise/Drop time