PPY Plane Transfer Type
PPY Plane Transfer Type

Operation Principle:
Planar mobile  parking equipment is similar to the three-dimensional storage, vehicles  only need to stop to the entrance, access to vehicle safety. Operation  is mainly a lift, a vehicle carrying device, a turntable to complete,  the elevator can with Dolly, transport device and automobile do  exercise, the car can drive transport device and automobile in each  layer of roadway transverse mobile cars through the carrying conveyance  to the elevator car, lift through the lifting will auto ascend to the  corresponding horizon, trolley will contain car carriers move laterally  to the berth port, handling device will car transported to berth,  parking and fetching work order of car instead.

With high degree of  automation, PLC fast processing, continuously in & out of parking  systems, enabling many people to access the vehicle at the same time,  high-efficiency of parking.
Can be used for ground and underground garage, implemented by the dozens to thousands of high-capacity cars parking.
All-Closed construction, equipment safe and reliable.
Highly Space utilization, flexible design, diverse model designing, easy to control operations.
Approach of Driver-centric designing, and multiple security guards, automatic turn around, more comfort.
Comprehensive monitoring equipment operation, not only centralized management, but also operated by the customers themselves.
The  maximum capacity of the car weighs 2.7 tons, which can meet the needs  of large and luxurious vehicle parking, also can be different layered  with different sizes of vehicles.
Car storage layer is generally not more than 15 layers.
Equipment type
According  to the direction of the vehicle handling vehicle is divided into two  basic types of vertical and horizontal. According to field conditions,  the combination of flexible design.

Main Technical Parameters:


PPY Plane Transfer Type

Parking Lot


Car Size(mm)



2350 kg

Lifting Speed(Max.) 


Trolley Speed(Max.)


Carrier Single Time 


Lifting Motor Power 

7.5 KW *2

Traverse Motor Power 

2.2 KW *2

Carrier Motor Power 

0.75-1.3 KW

Power Unit 

AC380V 50HZ