PXD Stacking Parking System
PXD Stacking Parking System

Operation Principle
The use of  roadway stacking crane or bridge crane will be transported to the  vehicle level and vertical to the parking spaces, and access to the  device to achieve orderly access. Run time, mainly by the turntable,   stacking machine, vehicle carrier to complete, save the car, the car  stopped at the roundabout or vehicle at the entrance, handling apparatus  for vehicle to vehicle handling and stacking machine, stacking began  moving in the tunnel, while improving the vehicle handling and to the  corresponding the garage entrance and by vehicle carriers will transport  vehicles to berth, take the car and stock car program instead.

Moving both horizontally and vertically, improving parking speed.
Parking space is made of concrete slab or steel work, guaranteed structure-
security of underground space easy maintenance, convenient management.
Free use of underground space, can offer large scale of parking space.
Using computer to make general management, monitor all-sided system movement, easy.
Suitable for underground or underground combination.
Car storage layer is usually not more than six layers.

Equipment type
According to the direction of the vehicle handling vehicle is divided into two basic types of vertical and horizontal.
According to field conditions, the combination of flexible design.

Main Technical Parameters:




2-6 layers

Car Size(mm)


Car weight(Max.)


Lifting Speed(Max.)


Trolley Speed(Max.)


Carrier Single Time


Lifting Motor Power


Traverse Motor Power


Carrier Motor Power


Power Unit

AC380V 50HZ

Safety Control

Guidance instructions, Emergency stop switch, Damping device, Holding brake device, GPS, Anti-leakage device, camera monitoring device